Plant-Based Loaded Slaw Dog: Casey’s Corner

Afternoon party people! Today I am reviewing the plant-based loaded slaw dog from Casey's Corner. This item has been on my list to try for a loooooong time, ever since I started following Vegan Disney World on Instagram. As I entered the Magic Kingdom on my last trip, I grabbed a coffee at the Main … Continue reading Plant-Based Loaded Slaw Dog: Casey’s Corner

Mobile Ordering at WDW

Well, it's been a hot second since I've written a blog post! It took me a while, but I did some thinking and some page overhaul, as I felt like I wasn't writing enough about topics that interested me. But here we are, 8 months later, and I have now dedicated my blog to not … Continue reading Mobile Ordering at WDW

You can’t eat cheese?!

"Wait, does that mean you can't eat cheese?!" I hear this quote probably about 75% of the time I talk to someone about my food sensitivities. No, you're right, I can't eat cheese...all the time. 😉 Dairy is definitely one of my food sensitivities, but is still something that I can have every once in … Continue reading You can’t eat cheese?!

Backlot Express (Hollywood Studios)

There is no hiding my love for Disney! As I write this, I have a playlist going in the background of music played in the theme parks, lolz. So I'm choosing to embrace my childish, nerdy side and make Disney a part of my blog. It's not the main focus, as this blog is about … Continue reading Backlot Express (Hollywood Studios)

Chocolate Keto Mini Muffins

Tasty Tuesday is again upon us! Today's recipe is one of my fiance's all-time favorites: chocolate keto mini muffins. Although I do not eat keto all of the time, I will usually look up keto recipes when I want something sweet, as they usually require natural sugars or sugar replacements that do not raise glucose … Continue reading Chocolate Keto Mini Muffins

Eggcellent Replacements

She's back! (said in the voice the Prime Minister for Magic, Cornelius Fudge, when he finds out Voldemort is alive at the end of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix). It's been a looooong month and a half-ish without any blog posts, but I'm back at it! Life just got the best of … Continue reading Eggcellent Replacements

Allergy-Friendly Starbucks

Happy Thursday readers! I realized that I haven't eaten out recently, but I knew I wanted to write about eating out this week (which is counter-intuitive, I know!). But then I realized that I do eat out, daily actually. Every morning, I walk to the Starbucks on the Bryant campus to grab a coffee at … Continue reading Allergy-Friendly Starbucks

10 Minute Hummus

Happy Tuesday readers! Today's Tasty Tuesday recipe is homemade hummus. My fiance and I are trying our best to not buy processed foods and to make everything from scratch, so I made a batch for the week to have as a part of my lunch every day. It's so good that I could literally put … Continue reading 10 Minute Hummus

Blackie’s Bulldog Tavern

Happy Saturday readers! I had meant to write this blog post last week for it to post on time on Thursday, but alas, the week escaped me. So here we are, on Saturday, FINALLY getting to the next Travel Tip Thursday post: Blackie's Bulldog Tavern. Travel tips don't always have to be about far away … Continue reading Blackie’s Bulldog Tavern

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