Dave’s Hot Food

I decided to change it up a bit today and post a version of Travel Thursday called Take-Out Thursday! Today’s post is all about what to eat when you’re out grocery shopping and you don’t want to go home an cook after. I mentioned in a previous post that since moving to Rhode Island, I love going to the Dave’s supermarket chain near me for all of my grocery shopping needs. The produce is usually pretty good, the allergy friendly game is (mostly) on point, and the protein is usually very fresh. It also happens to be a 9 minute drive from Bryant University (where I work), not that I’m excited that the drive is under 10 minutes or anything… :-p.

Every Friday when 3:30 rolls around, my fiance and I get ready to take the 9 minute drive to Dave’s for our grocery shopping…AND to get some yummy eats for dinner! Personally, I look forward to this time every week because it means that we are getting new food to prep for the week, and I get to have a little ‘splurge’ for dinner after restricting myself for most of the week. And when I say splurge, I don’t mean eat all the food or grab a pint of dairy free Ben&Jerry’s (although, if I was going to grab one, PB&Cookies all the wayyyyy 😀 ), I mean chicken wings an sushi!! During the week, in addition to my strict allergy friendly diet, I measure my portions of food and I choose to do intermittent fasting, so on Fridays I let loose a little and may eat slightly more than my portions or add in a small amount of something I may be sensitive to (p.s. tune in on Sunday to learn more about why I choose to measure my food/do intermittent fasting when I am already on a very restricted diet).


Typically, my tummy jumps over all of the other hot food at Dave’s and goes right to a not-so-hot food: sushi!!! I am a HUGE fan of sushi because it is tasty, easy to eat on the go, and is healthier for you than other options (just as long as you don’t add all of the extra crunchy n’ creamy fixings on top). My go-to roll is an salmon and avocado roll wrapped in brown rice with a little bit of soy sauce. Surprisingly enough, even with all of my other food sensitivities, I can still have soy sauce (gluten free, of course!). But, sushi does have rice wine vinegar in the rice, which activates my yeast sensitivity, and can only be indulged sparingly, which is why I usually save it for my Friday treat and make sure to measure out only 6 pieces to keep my tummy happy.


If I’m not going for the sushi at Dave’s, I am 100% beelining it towards my second favorite *actual* hot food: Dave’s baked wings!! They are yummy, crispy, well seasoned little nuggets of deliciousness that I am looking forward to getting this week when we do our Dave’s shopping trip (although it will have to be before 3:30 because girl’s gotta work. #keepingthecollegestudentssafe). The reason that I consider these baked wings a treat is because Dave’s does not list the ingredients in the wings when it puts them out, so I usually get a small stomachache after eating a couple of wings. What I can say is I think they have sugar, basic seasoning, and oil on them, but it is unclear if they are exposed to cross contamination, if butter is used instead of oil, or if the seasoning is what upsets my stomach. Either way, these wings are damn good and worth a little discomfort now and again!

If you are ever shopping near/around a Dave’s I would HIGHLY suggest these foods as some healthy go-to items! They may not be entirely allergy friendly, but they can work for someone like me who has food sensitivities and doesn’t eat this kind of food regularly. I can’t wait to have some more wings on Friday to complete another delicious week. ❤

~ Meagan


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